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Our services

Over time, we have made many individual preparations. But we also have experience in museum presentation of natural history exhibitions as well as specialists in consulting for film and theater productions. We will be happy to advise you on such projects. In addition, you can also rent taxidermy from us for a limited period of time. Our workshop has also served as a film location. 


We would be happy to put together an individual package for you, just contact us here

Preparation of single pieces

Years of experience in taxidermy make us experts. If you want to preserve your hunting trophies or a beloved pet for posterity, you will find in us exactly the right contact.


The size of the taxidermy does not matter. You are welcome to contact us directly for non-binding information.

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Renting of taxidermy


If you need one or more taxidermy only for a certain time, we can also help you here. For trade fairs, interior decorators, home staging, but as already mentioned above film and theater productions you can rent taxidermy from our rich fund.


You are welcome to visit our store and workshop - here you will surely find the pieces you need for your purposes.

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Dioramas and hunting rooms


A diorama in your own home will make your hunt unforgettable. We advise and plan together with you the appropriate solution and take over the execution.


Especially in the implementation of large projects such as trophy halls for private individuals and museums for hunting and nature, we bring years of experience.


For an individual consultation, please make an appointment right away.

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As already mentioned at the top of this page, we will be happy to provide you with competent advice on the implementation of your museum or artistic projects. 


Our workshop has also served as a backdrop for several film productions, e.g. Austrio-German crime procedural "Tatort". Our clientele extends to all continents.

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