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Raith Präparatorium

Founded in 1976, the company now employs 8 people and has been operating successfully for almost 45 years. After Helmut Raith passed the master craftsman's examination, he immediately opened the first store in Vienna - in Girardigasse in the 6th district of Vienna. When the business space became too small thanks to increasing orders, the Raith company found its new and final home in Diehlgasse 34 + 36.

Helmut Raith

Helmuth Raith felt called to his work already at the age of 12. After school, he made it a point to help out at the hunting museum in his hometown and eventually to work there as well.


After his school days, Helmuth Raith went directly to Vienna to complete his apprenticeship as a taxidermist. With his knowledge and expertise, Helmut Raith is still available to the company with full enthusiasm.

Gabriela Maxim

Gabriela Maxim-Pop is the managing director of Raith GmbH and takes care of the commercial agendas in the company with dedication.


She shares Helmuth Raith's passion and if you contact us, you will most likely deal with her first.


She is looking forward to hearing from you!

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